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I'm trying to make the Exile be the way in who I think he should be. (In a total non-canon way, 'course )

He has complete contempt with the way the Sith were striking before because they were using it against him. He wants to show them that striking fromt he shadows may be a smart move against other opponents but for him, its not. To be frank.
He doesn't like to thing himself to be a Sith or Jedi but he does lean over to the Sith way more often than not and he hates that.

He getting rid of the taint from Malachor, not of the Dark Side, but of the Sith as what he has been battling against the past few months.
It's a complicated layer persona that I'm trying to put across in little bits at a time. Bear with me people, please I'm trying

@Beederator: Haha, no poking will be neccessary. Cheers for the in-depth review and I have corrected the mistakes you found. Oh and I was saying that after some of the things that he's done, Jonas is finding it hard to look at himself in a positive light. Not being able to look himself int he eye and reassure himself that everything is OK.
Remember .. complicated persona, haha.

As for Kreia, I was planning on having some involvement of her character in next part so rest assured,

@D_Y: He's hunting the rest of the Sith down at the Academy because he feels they are a damnnation to the Sith Legacy. They need to be destroyed. As I said before, bear with me and I will explain everything in more detail in the next two parts.

@Chev: Sorry that you didn't like the killing. It was needed however to get my point about the Sith across. Without the killing, how can it be a DS fic? xP

@HoP: Yeahpah, DS fics are the awesomeness! Lol.

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