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The XP compatbility mode deployed in vista will ensure the DX9 layer is utilised for running KOTOR. There are no components of KOTOR that were designed with the DirectX 10 SDK.

DirectX 10 in XP sounds paradoxical, again since the OS has not been written to integrate DX 10 functionality. It can be a compatibilty layer at best, surely! (ie. Trick DX10 games into running in DX10 mode, but not utilising full effects)

I want to see screenies of Crysis with all the Dx10 atmospheric effects in XP, then i'll be convinced..!!

Looking more into the whole KOTOR compatibilty fix, the shader models once under question are catered for in the DX9 layer in Vista. The mss32.dll fix just makes sure the game can access it better. Im having a harder time finding out if it was engineered bu fans or merely yoinked from another title where the authors put some time into fixing it

@SD > The fix is outlined on obsidian forums HERE. It was posted in July 2008 so I dont feel too silly for not discovering it earlier!

D333 has stickied this thread at workbench too ive been told. Still, thanks for help spread the word !!


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