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At some point in the future you may find luxury industries necessarily downgraded in order to prevent economic collapse. Ultimately the auto industry is far beyond adequate, whilst the argument of job creation is muted by the entirely disproportionate cost of new cars and upgrading current models.
In terms of what is required for public facilitation you could get away with the amount of new cars built for one year, every ten years.

But then it's a little like chasing gold in the entertainment industry I think. Everybody wants to be a pop star, and has no idea fifty talented musicians and songwriters were ripped off to make that one pop star, whose profits go to the record company that made them.

In any case the victims of Hurricane Katrina deserved far more government subsidisation than the luxury of a well more than adequate auto industry, didn't they? What about subsidised healthcare and education? There's some truly needed job creation. I'm not one of the believers that such a thing would make Americans start chanting, "Stalin, Stalin."

Now the electronics industry for example, you wouldn't want that to crash. Everybody needs electronics these days.

I don't know, I worked in the auto industry for some ten years and just see it as a dinosaur. I haven't even owned a car for years.
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