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swkotor.ini fix? Also, so you set the HQ Music patch in compatibility mode, and the HQ Movies patch Part 1 in compatability mode, but what about the other 2-6 parts that are not executables? What about the mods that use the tsl patchers? Do you also have to run them in compatibility mode? I assume the file replacements and mod files dropping in to the overide and other direcoriesare no different?

Finally, on the Work Bench mirror version of this thread on the KOTOR section, I saw one individual who followed all the directions, but gave a very descriptive description of how it didn't work and what happend in getting this Vista fix to work. I've been thinking though. I may not know much about computer hardware, but all the people who've used the fix and it works must have something hardware in common. And the person who didn't work must have something different if it didn't work. This information might be helpful since the guy who didn't get the fix to work has a NVIDA card. For my computer I've been wanting a NVIDA since I don't want to deal with any issues. He has a NVIDA and I plan to too. I don't want to make a mistake when I do get my computer. So this info of knowing what not to get and what to get if there is a hardware compatibility issue with the Vista Fix and this I want to know. As well as everyone else would want to know too.

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