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Humm I don't know as much about computers hardware wise as Astro or Q, but maybe we need to collaborate on this. The people who have no problems with K1-2 must have something in common for them to work. And the ones who don't work must have something that this group over here doesn't. There configuration must be lacking or have something different. Maybe it's the range of video card. I don't know. I wonder if those that are working fine with K1-2 might have an ATI whereas this guy who doesn't work with KOTOR hasa NVIDA. I don't know.

All I can say is there must be something different with this guy's configuration than the rest of everyone elses that works. Knowing this might be important. Besides, I'm planning to get a new game computer soon and move to Vista. And I'd rather not get a card or something that will create the same issue this guy is having.

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