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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon View Post
A KotOR 3 written by Avellone and Ziets. Single player only with an explanation of Revan/Exile's fate, damn it all.
Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
And while I'm still dreaming, remakes of MotB and Torment with the former having a less clunky engine and the latter a less dated one. And of course full voice acting, the 3.5e rules and balanced combat for both.
I don't know about MotB because I haven't played it yet, but I think that Torment is fine the way it is. IMO, the Infinity engine has yet to be beaten as far as gameplay is concerned. Full voice acting would be cool, yes, but I couldn't imagine how huge the sound files would have to be for all of that dialogue. And I'm quite content with the 2e rules.

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