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He looked back at Naja. "You guys do whatever it was you had to do. I'll be in town, having a few at the cantina."

Naja waved and smiled. "All right. See ya then!" Then she turned to Null, and hopped on his speeder, sitting behind him. "Aww, don't worry. I haven't forgot about ya." She smiled.


"I can feel your anger. That is good... it will give you strength for the battle that is to come. But you need to control it in order to benefit yourself."

Zula heard Diabolas' voice in her head. She closed her eyes. Angered tears fell from her eyes. "Thank you... Lord Diabolas."

"Save your strength."

"Yes, Lord Diabolas." Zula gripped her hands on the yokes, staring at the stars. Then she wiped her eyes, a little embarrased.
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