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Here goes the start, and if anyone wants to join in, they still can, just leave your characters bio at the recruitment forum in Backstage casting call.
. . . . . . .
Sam walked the streets of Milwaukeem, Wisconsin, with caution. three undead were progressing there way towards hhim, but his silencer for the Grendel was busted, so it was a no-go on shooting. at least until he was surrounded, then it didn't matter if he fired or not. but the silencer for his desert eagle was in prefect working condition.
he slipped the .50AE gun out of his holster and fired at the walking ghouls. so far the runners had been pretty mild, and really small in numbers. at least in milwaukee that is. the zombies head imploded in a cloud of gore and dust. sam replaced his Desert Eagle and continued down the street. the gun store he got all his major supplies from should be safe, or at the very least, not broken into.
sam hurried up, anxious to get to the store, then he stopped.he then heard the loud roar of a Brute.
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