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Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
First, I'm not conceding the other points, because as you said, Bible is open to interpretation, and we could discuss the other point's, but not on this thread (maybe a new one).
Sir, please do not engage in dishonest debate tactics. You asked for evidence supporting the arguments that I made. I provided it and now, rather than acknowledge the point, you ignore the fact that it was made. And when I point out that you're conveniently ignoring the point, you state that the conversation belongs in another thread.

While this may be the case, the fact that you're bringing it up now is poor form.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
Second, I've said:"This doesn't mean that there are not people wich uses such teachings, but the "carrot" is the main objective nowadays of Christianity." Never said that it isn't going today.
Your exact words were: "But 'threatening the masses with hell and then telling them there's only one way to avoid it' is medieval."

Are you going to argue that you meant something else when you used the word "medieval"?

Again, your perspective is your perspective, however there is nothing objective about it. Please either provide evidence to the contrary or acknowledge that your opinion carries no more weight than any other.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
Third, I can say the same to you: "Thats your opinion of God and not iota more, sir."
I haven't presented an opinion re: god. Your point is a non-sequitur.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
Fourth, and as I've said: "The majority of religions (...)", not all.
You can qualify your statement however you wish. Unfortunately dressing up the strawman won't change the fact that christianiy, at it very foundation, has some big scary threats behind it. As I stated earlier, "other religions do it too" is not a valid argument for the point.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
Thanks for reading
My pleasure. Thank you as well.
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