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What bothers me is they only show an episode once a week and theyre so short, they feel kind of rushed and it just seems like they dont take the time to really make sure they dont mess up the continuity already established. Most of the vehicles and characters look like they came from later in the clone wars and not in the first year. With all the unexplored KOTOR and New Jedi Order timelines unexplored im surprised they dont want to make stories in those times instead of focusing so much on the clone wars and dark times. Besides most of the characters are from the movies so you know theyre going to survive so theres no suspense in wondering if your favorite character is going to die or not because they cant, unless GL wants to screw with the timeline by killing one or more of them off. Of course they did that in the other clone wars cartoon with Kkruhk so I wouldnt be surprised.
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