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Yeah, how many Christians are not Christians then?
The definition of Christian varies these days. According to the Bible, a Christian is someone who believes in God and has been saved by Him. There a numerous amount of people who claim they are Christians, not realizing that the term they are trying to convey only means that wish to be classified under being part of the Christian religion, not actually one has been saved and practices God's ways.

From what I've put together I believe the statistic is that 75% of people who claim they are Christian are not by the Bible's standards.

Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
Oh, there's nothing wrong with feeling guilty for something. That is one of the things that helps us humans learn right from wrong, our feelings, such as the feeling of guilt. But religion is different. In Christianity, you're condemned for things even before you've ever been born. The verdict is 'Guilty' without any trial. Either you get Heaven or you get Hell. The Judeo-Christian God is described as sadistic, with many human fallabilities.
Allow me to join this conversation.

Just what sort of fallabilities are we talking about here?

Yes, he knows all about what will happen in the future. But every time you think of something bad and do it, does that justify your actions simply because he knew it and let you get away with it?

Part of obeying God is overcoming your sinful humanity as best you can, even if you have doubts.

Human fallabilities? Is there a time in the Bible that God once sinned, or is there a way you can think of that he is in error?

This is not a subjective question, but rather an objective one for now.
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