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Originally Posted by Ataris
Allow me to join this conversation.

Just what sort of fallabilities are we talking about here?
According to the Bible, God demands praise. Also, a perfect being needs nothing else, because erfect = complete, whole, without need for any improvement, least of all praise.

Yes, he knows all about what will happen in the future. But every time you think of something bad and do it, does that justify your actions simply because he knew it and let you get away with it?
No, it does not justify my actions, but I don't see how God is needed to be an ethical person.

Part of obeying God is overcoming your sinful humanity as best you can, even if you have doubts.
Problem is why does God even need humanity? He's supposedly all-powerful after all...

Human fallabilities? Is there a time in the Bible that God once sinned, or is there a way you can think of that he is in error?
Technically God can't 'sin', but what he is descibed as doing is hardly just. Slaughtering entire civilizations, telling everyone to beleive or burn, declaring unjust rules about things like homosexuality... God may seem merciful in the new testament, but that doesn't make what he supposedly did according to the old testament justified.

His sadisticness is hardly an attribute of perfection, as seen in the numerous stories in the Old Testament and in Revelations...

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