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According to the Bible, God demands praise. Also, a perfect being needs nothing else, because erfect = complete, whole, without need for any improvement, least of all praise.
So you're just trying to twist the word perfect in order to serve your purposes then? God doesn't need praise, but he does demand it.

No, it does not justify my actions, but I don't see how God is needed to be an ethical person.
Perhaps I wasn't following the current line of discussion properly. But as a quick response, to be perfect you must be without ability to fail.

You appear to be an ethical person because you accuse God of killing many innocent people.

God claims he is perfect, and therefore he cannot murder people because that would be falling short of perfect. By saying falling short, I am assuming that since you dislike murder you would call a murderer imperfect.

Ethics has everything to do with it.

Problem is why does God even need humanity? He's supposedly all-powerful after all...
Would you mind expressing that in different words? As far I know God is not human....

Technically God can't 'sin', but what he is descibed as doing is hardly just. Slaughtering entire civilizations, telling everyone to beleive or burn, declaring unjust rules about things like homosexuality... God may seem merciful in the new testament, but that doesn't make what he supposedly did according to the old testament justified.

His sadisticness is hardly an attribute of perfection, as seen in the numerous stories in the Old Testament and in Revelations...
Excuse me, but why do you see this as unjust? This is your opinion, then? Formulated on what basis? If he created you, then you are the wrong by saying it is unjust, because how is that for you to decide?

If he created you, and he does not allow homosexuality, then he is unjust because you wish to go against the wishes of an almighty God because he is looking out for you?

Murdering people? Justice, I would say. They disobeyed him, and they knew that was the wrong thing to do. They deserved it.

Ethics, my friend. Ethics.
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