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Jedi Academy is not a roleplaying game. That's why it doesn't have any RPG features.

You're free to use it as a roleplaying game if you wish, but if you do, you're making the concious choice to use a game that has no capacity for being played as a roleplaying game and thus has none of the roleplaying game features that you desire.

Jedi Academy != roleplaying game

Therefore, what I'm trying to say, is....

Deal with it.

Working with code is difficult, and time-consuming. Therefore it is very unreasonable of you to demand that people waste extreme amounts of time and effort, just because you want to engage in the kind of gameplay a roleplaying game presents, but are too stubborn to bother going out and actually.... gee, I dunno.... buying a roleplaying game.

If you want to play roleplaying games, do it. But Jedi Academy is an action game, a first-person shooter. That's why it has no capacity for roleplaying, and that's why it shouldn't have any capacity for roleplaying. Because it's not a roleplaying game, and it cannot be a roleplaying game.

Now, if you want to deprive yourself of a quality roleplaying experience by using a shoddy, unsuitable platform, that's your choice. That doesn't harm anyone but you.

But when you start making unreasonable demands towards honest modders, then slander them when they refuse because their mods are oriented towards an action game - which for the record is the type of game they like, and the type of game they bought, because that's the type of game Jedi Academy is - then that's uncalled for. It's childish, borderline bitchy, and I take exception to it for those reasons.

Moral of the story: leave 'em alone.


Christ, I'm surprised you guys aren't filing restraining orders, with the amount of people who are harassing you with demands to flood OJP with pseudo-RPG crap.

You'd think that, when you say "We're not doing OJP that way because that's not the way we envisioned it!", that they'd shut up and accept it.

Were I in your place, dealing with ungrateful little people who can't just be happy with what you're doing for them, I would've run out of patience a long time ago
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