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Maybe this one

GTX 260 GX2 aka GTX 295

check out the numbers(quoted from linkie)

GeForce GTX295 VGA card will feature two GPUs of 55nm GT200. And the number of stream processors is 480 (240×2), not 216×2 as we reported. Besides, its memory bus width is 896 bit (448bitx2), and memory size is 1792MB DDR3 (896MBx2). It won’t adopt GDDR5, and its total power is 289W. GTX 295 will be launched on Jan 8th...
Still, Ive always been weary of GX2s.... lets see what the 1600p benchies say before I get any further excited. But I have to admit, GX2 has begun to sound more funtastic when you think of them from a folder's perspective

Looks like the 4870X2 has a ninja fight on its hands


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