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The capabilities of the AM2 chips are far from irrelevant to everyday users needs, so it was a positive and considerate decision by AMD to do this. Although, there are increasingly less of them around, especially those early X1s which have developed a bit of a cult following as 'Atom Killers'

Now that intel has moved onto corei7, what about all those C2Ds, theyre still great performers - I would hope intel would have kept enough on the market to give consumers who arent interested in corei7 a lower cost alternative... same goes for the phenom gen I, theyre not super, but theyre more than sufficient for millions of potential users.

My only concerns(and it will be mine alone around here!) is the actual dimensions of those new Gfx cards! I have serious concerns about squeezing them into my shuttle! Ive seen it done with a GTX 280, though need to check if anyone has done it with a 4870X2. It may end up meaning I get a redesigned model that was built with them in mind(as opposed to the 8800s )

*sigh* now to plan the necessary bank heist to fund this burgeoning project

* * *

Edits: More News

Some more AMD CPU news, as they roll out a new phenom based dual core CPU clocked at 3.6GHz at less than $100 a pop. The good thing is they consume 95W compared to the 3Ghz x2 6000 which consumes 125W

An ok budget option I guess, but I'd rather go for those Phenom IIs

Speaking of Phenom II, those dullards at toms posted a report that they could not get 5Ghz with phenom II, prompting fanboy/enthusiast queries that AMD were 'lying' about the phenoms capabilities. It seems some Greek OCers did manage it though...(same link as prev for more info)

In other news, reports that the GT300 cards are due in Q1, not long after the 285/295 are due. Lolz.. looks they are doing what they did with the 9800GX2/260/280 release. Methinks I will wait and see how the 3xx series performs before I jump on a 295 now

nvidia released some "internally tested" 295 vx 4870X2 benchies at 1600p Definitely good performance, but not a massive knockout blow to the 4870X2 by any means.. I wonder how the 3x series will stack up. If it can match or better those numbers on a single GPU, Im sold. Dual GPU is great from a folding perspective, but a single GPU is always preferable from a heat/power consumption POV.


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