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I should go.
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"Major Rosokosovski, what were your reasons for being here?"

Vladimir Rosokosovski sat in a dark room lit by only on lamp. There was a U.S. soldier questioning him, and the soldier was being rather blunt, asking the same question over and over again.

Vladimir responded in his thickly accented American, "Comrade, I have the proper authorization to be doing what I was doing, which is something that I don't have. Now please, stop being annoying and let me see my troops."

The American didn't look pleased.

"You know what, Russky!? You better start fessin' up! You were caught on American land in a bio-chemical suit of Russian design, you can be shot as an enemy of the state."

Vladimir smiled, "Comrade, you know very well that you need the ammunition to fight off the infected, you wouldn't be able to shoot me."

This angered the American even more, and he stormed off and left the room. Vlad smiled and produced from his pocket, the keys out of the room. He managed to anger the American so much so that he didn't pay attention to where the keys were going. Vlad stood and began the escape from his cell.

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