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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
Yes, they have made had done some really stupid stuff- i.e paying some of their employees to just sit around, but I think that they do need some help. There has to be a balance though, because what they are asking for is really quite a lot of money. I think that the Big 3 should make some major changes in how they run their company and their employees. But yes, if it will work, I think that, in the long run, it will be beneficial.

The economy is really taking some hard hits as of late...

The most recent amt mentioned (17 billion dollars) is less than one half of one percent of what the bloated leech called the Federal government extorts out of us every year. If we bail them out the Union has to be reined in too. So far they have driven seven or eight airlines and the American merchant marine into the ground, and forced most companies to outsource overseas rather than pay what they demand.

Oh BTW, the bailout bill collapsed in the senate exactly because the unions still want to be able to jack up their wages.

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