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No I'm not. being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish; "a perfect circle"; "a perfect reproduction"; "perfect happiness"; "perfect manners"; "a ...

Complete:;3Acomplete : having every necessary or normal part or component or step; bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements; perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities;

A omnipotent, omniscient God described as perfect wouldn't need Humans.
Again, he doesn't need praise, but he demands it.

By that definition, jews and muslims are christians as well. Care to try again?
Muslims do not get "saved." They say that they believe in Allah and his messenger Muhammed.

A Christian is someone who has admitted he is a sinner, believes Jesus died on the cross for his sins, and believes that he is returning a second time.

Jews do not believe that he is coming a second time.

I hope this expanded definition clears things up.

Let's assume...

God is perfect. God creates Heaven. Angels are part of Heaven. Lucifer, an angel, rebels against God in jealousy. 1/3rd of angels follow Lucifer as God casts Lucifer out of Heaven. God makes the universe, earth, humans, etc, etc. Why does God need Humans to solve a problem when he is all-powerful? To prove soemthing about evil? Why should He prove Lucifer's being in error? He is supposedly all-knowing. Also, why would he ever need to create something that is fallible?
Let us assume that you have the skill required to construct your own robot. You decide that he is to be in your likeness, as you find your appearance a superior one, and he is to never disobey or do anything but accept you for who you are.

Does this robot really love you? It has affection for you, because you programmed it that way, and it is loyal to you, but that is not its choice. It is a machine constructed to do your bidding and you can control it however you want.

If God provides us with the means to make our own choices and we choose to turn to him, then it is our own decision, regardless of whether he knew we would make that decision or not. We can choose of our own free will. Love is dead if there is no other choice.

Wait a second, solve God's problems? What does that mean? What problems are we supposed to solve?

Ordering the death of women and children would seem to be the most obvious of the elephants in the room. Petty jealousy and temper tantrums would be my personal choices for 2nd and 3rd place.
So far you have given examples, but no explanation for why this is wrong.

He views it as justice because they disobeyed him.

If you were a creator, and if you are perfect, and your creation is not, should that creation not serve your bidding? For you are incapable of sin.

Let me ask a question. I do not believe in killing people without a reason, but I would like to hear the answer: Why, in your opinion, is killing people disagreeable?
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