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Coryn felt the chill of winter on his skin as he walked down the quiet road to his apartment. It was a terribly chilly night with a harsh wind, and he wanted to go home safe and sound to a nice plate of cheese and a cup of tea.

Overhead the grey and ever-darkening sky put in him a sense of foreboding unusual to the winter season. He could just sense that something was wrong. Don't worry, he told himself, nothing bad has ever happened around this area. But the thoughts did not stop.

He could not decipher the cause of this emotion until he stopped and realized that he was hearing a noise, and turned to look for something behind him. There was nothing.

If I have common sense, I'll go home without another though to it, he said quietly to himself. And just as soon the local news reports ran through his head. Strange disappearances, people screaming about monsters, strange noises in the night.

Just then, almost as an answer to his thoughts, a figure raced across the street. And it was not a man. It looked at him. And he ran....
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