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Sam raised his Grendel to his shoulder, the stock extended as far as it could be. the shaking ground told him that the brute was nearing.
" ah, crap! and i was so close too!" sam burst into a run, heading for the store as fast as he could go, his legs starting to burn after tgeh first block.
the Brutes hell like scream was close behind him, the stomps of its large feet creating cracks in the pavement.
Sam took a glance behind him, and instantly wished he hadn't. his legs hit a parked car, and he tripped, his head nearly hitting the bumper of the SUV in front of him.
Sam readied the Grendel, the laser on the side of the barrel already pointing at the hulking beasts head. one three round burst later, the creature lay on the ground, a black and grey mix oozing its way out of the obliterated head.
He looked up, the store was right next to him. sam walked in the door, and locked it behind him.
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