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Vladimir confidently opened the door of his cell and walked down the hall. He could hear gunfire and screams of the undead outside. He knew that there were no gaurds for him, every soldier was needed to fight off the infected. Vlad knew exactly what the infected were, but his mission was still the secret. He walked to the door to the main holding cell, where his 10 highly trained commandoes waited. He opened the door and poked his head in.

"Comrades, it is time to go, it would seem that they left the door open!' He smiled and opened the door wider. The soldiers scrambled out of the door quickly and went into the armory a little ways down the dark hall. They came back in their white bio-chemical suits, sporting AK-47s. Vlad nodded and went inside himself to change.

"Hey, Major Rokosovski, how'd you escape?" asked a tall Russian.

"Well, Boris, very carefully." he said with a smile.

Boris smiled too, but really didn't know what Vlad meant.

"So, comrades, you ready to complete the mission, eh?"

A cry erupted from the Russians, Vlad smiled and put a grenade into his launcher. He led the way down the hallway to the exit from Fort Charles. He put a hand on the knob of the door, but he stopped.

"Hey, Yuri, what State did you say this was again?"

A shorter man with a thick black beard stepped forward.

"Michigan, Major, the city is Chicago."

"Well, Yuri, seeing as this is big city, there should be plenty for all of us."

All the men chuckled and Vlad opened the door and started running toward the gate, which was about 100 meters forward from the door. American troops were in the towers, gunning down the zombies that were rushing the perimeter. Vlad started sprinting and reached the gate quickly, suddenly, the gate itself blew open, and the horde came.

"Comrades, commence firing!"

All of the Russians obeyed immediatley and fired a volley of perfectly aimed headshots at the first wave of zombies. One of the infected made Vlad a target and began charging him. Vlad stared at the blood-stained creature and raised his AK to point-blank range, just in time for the barrel to smack against the zombie's head, and Vlad pulled the trigger. He then began spraying bullets into the wave of screaming, gory, and evil zombies.

"Comrades, prep grenades!!"

Vlad secured the mask of his bio-chem suit and fired a gas grenade into the center of the undead horde.

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