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Atrianna Shalya smiled slighty to herself as her Shotgun took one of the undead right in the back

The smiled faded as she saw it straighten up, turn around and run at her.

Atrianna loaded up her shotgun again and blasted it in between the eyes. the undead finally fell to the floor in a heap.

Atrianna looked around in concern, she was one of the last people left in this area of the city and the undead were getting bolder, she had killed a few of them on her doorstep the other day.

She had heard on the radio a few days ago that Chicago was still pretty well off. The undead were being held off by the army and local police force.

It was time to move on. She was only one woman and she coulnd't keep defending this neighborhood all on her own.

She had set up base in Milwaukee to try and help whoever she could, only to find that most of the people were already gone by the time she had arrived.

Atrianna sighed and headed home.

Time to get going.

And leave this city of the damned behind her

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