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Coryn had managed to make it as far as the town hall. The only vehicles were those driving away from the city at top speed. Suddenly a horde of birds flew by overhead.

It couldn't be true, could it? That the infection he had thrown off as another measly disease had reached his state? But when another of them came out of the portal of the town hall with the recently smashed down double-doors, he knew what he had to do. Keep running.

He ran as far as he could outside the neighborhood, to a more vacant area, and then continued in the general direction of his house. He was so close, but he had to get his car.

Only after he was safely driving away did he begin to think about what he was leaving behind. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore. Only his survival. And where would he head? He had no idea.

Listening to the radio, an urgent news report sprouted about some kind of possible biochemical attack, but the military wasn't backing the story up. Did it have some sort of connection?

Finally focusin on the destination of his drive, he realized that there was no where very safe to go. Some states had been overrun entirely.

But he didn't worry on his way down the road. There was a thrill in him, rather. This could be exciting.
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