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The horde of zombies crumbled down in the mass of green gas. The rest fled, at least so it seemed from Vladimir's point-of-view. He saw the American soldier cheering as the zombies ran, but then they remembered who fired the gas grenade. An American sergeant ran out of the barracks and pointed at the group of Russian soldiers.

"You! Stop right there!! Do not take a step further out that gate!" the sergeant shouted.

Vlad smiled and motioned his men forward. They began a mad dash out of the fort and into the infected streets of Chicago.

They were not fired upon, for as Vlad said, the Americans couldn't waste ammo. They managed to reach one of the highway ramps before they stopped. Vlad brought a hand up and the group of soldiers stopped and secured a small perimeter to rest in. Vlad took out his watch.

"My watch is still on Russian time, Boris, what does yours say."

Boris stood and looked at his watch.

"It is around 3:00 A.M. Comrade Major."

Vlad looked at the red sun that was rising early.

"Strange...there is something bad at work here."

He took out his map case and gestured for his right-hand man, a man named Zaitsev, to help him plot a course out of the city.

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