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Atrianna couldn't help but cry a bit
She was out of Milwaukee and was currently heading toward Chicago fast as she could in the Prius she had found at the edge of the city.

She had seen horrible things.

Things she would never be able to put out of her mind.

She had seen men and women scream in terror as the undead piled upon them.

She had seen a mere boy blasting away at the undead with a shotgun trying to protect a little girl. she had seen them both die as the undead fell upon them.

She had seen a man rush the undead with a grenade trying to protect his family. he was one of the lucky ones, his sacrifice had helped his family escape Milwaukee, she had kept an eye on that family, she had even cleared a few of the undead out of their way as they had left the city.

Atrianna wiped her tears and turned on the radio. Maybe some nice music would help her forget some of the things she had seen.

She turned the dial until she reached her favorite station; 105.7

Atrianna smiled as 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol started up.

I could really go for some coffee
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