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Seeing signs of life from somewhere off the next off-ramp, Smith drove the Suburban up it and parked in the gas-station, a Holiday.

Looking around, he was surprised to see that it was actually in pretty good condition as well as the rest of the locations around it: A Super-Walmart, a Menard's, a Good-Will, a Walgreen's and what appeared to be a housing development.

Opening up his door cautiously, Smith got out and shut it behind him. Reaching into his back pocket, he removed his Credit Card and swiped it, praying to whatever Gods existed that the company was still issuing Credit... and this Holiday still receiving it.

But it worked and he opened up his gas-cover and poured in some fuel until he topped it out. Turning away before he could see how much he just paid he walked into the Holiday and nodded to the man working the central area. Reaching the coffee area he was surprised to see that the only thing they had left was decaf.

"Great. Just. Great." He ground out.

"Uh, hey, Mister!" The man almost yelled as he ran out of the area. "This isn't decaf." The boy -he didn't look to be a day over 16- was about 5'5" and had some crazy red hair, likely from a bottle."It's dark roast. We just had an issue with the other one."

Issue meaning that it was likely broken on some Zombie's head.

"Oh." He poured out the entire container into three different insulated mugs and paid $120.00 for it all in the end... in cash.

"Any news?" The boy said after the transaction was finished and Smith had downed a few good mouthfuls.

"It looked like the University was overrun as I left as well as all the bars and restaurants in that area."

"Wow." The boy seemed rather shell-shocked.

"But, it appears that the highway is deserted about now, I haven't seen any traffic on my way out of Saint Paul on 35W and 94."

A noise outside startled him, the trashcans moving.

"Probably just a raccoon, right?" The boy said, trying to sound calm.

Smith didn't even grace that statement with an answer as he brought his 45 out of his jacket's inside pocket and walked over to the window, to peer over to the trash without going outside.

A zombie crashed against the window, forcing Smith to flinch back. "Goddammit!" He cursed as he opened the exit door and blew it's head off. Another one then jumped out of the shadows at him and it was brought down before it could land.

Without a look back at the boy -instead he was making impatient hand gestures to get moving- Smith ran to the Suburban and started it up. Thankfully that appeared to be all the zombies. Driving over to the curb -or on the cub, it mattered who would retell the story- he threw open the passenger side door for the boy who was running out of the store, with Smith's three mugs of coffee.

"You're a life saver!" He breathed as he drove out of the area, across the bridge and down the on-ramp.

"So, mister, where you going?"

"Fort Ripley, to find out what the hell happened."

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