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"Comrade Zaitsev, I think we could plan a route here."

Rosokosovski gestured along a certain highway that led to the American town of Milwaukee.

"It may be the quickest way to reach ground zero of the infection."

Zaitsev looked closer," Well, sir, I think you found us a way in. Do you think the Americans will suspect anything."

"No, the soldiers are just trying to survive at this point, there's no use trying to see what we're up to. Is the package secure?"

Zaitsev nodded and gestured to his pack. Vlad smiled, "Well, good, I think we'll make good progress, ammo and supplies should be easy to come by with the all the evacuations taking place. All we need is transportation."

Zaitsev gestured to the highway. Sure enough, there were several cars spread out across the highway. Abandoned of course, but luckily the keys were still in most of them. But suddenly, something caught Vlad's eye. Two American armored cars, humvees.

"Perfect." said Vlad.

He gestured for his men to load up.

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