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Atrianna couldn't believe her luck.

The prius was nearly out of gas and she was in the middle of nowhere

Atrianna needed to either find another car or a gas station or she was going to be fair game for the undead.

She still had her radio tuned to 105.7 and her second favorite band was on at the moment.

I love Nickelback

As her prius came over the edge of a hill that lead to an highway that went from Milwaukee to Chicage into chicago, she saw something that made her heart soar.

Cars. Wonderful abandoned cars. Hers for the taking.

What the Hell?!

There were men near the cars.

Men in white Bio-Chem suits

She saw one of the men start toward a humvee that Atrianna had been eyeing

Atrianna pushed the car to it's maximum speed and drove.

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