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Originally Posted by Mr_BFA View Post
I have particularly taken a liking to Ythros. Not sure why yet but theres just something appealing about that character. Interesting indeed.
Aww shucks, you'll make me blush.

Actually, now that i have indeed registered i feel a bit silly. Given that Msh is posting everything up i am resigned to sit and twiddle my Ultrathumbs. Oh well, i can respond to all you're juicy, juicy congratulations anyway.

And now that i have, i am once again lost for what to do... I suppose i could type some more.

It is odd to re-read some of this stuff, as i'm typing up a part of the plot that's rather advanced into the future, it's like a time machine with windows and no minibar.

Ah well, if nothing else i can post directly into the thread if we ever do a QoH sequel here (it's regular haunt tends to ignore it as an oddity that resurfaces every few days for a single post. That nobody but us ever reads).

I any case, i hope you enjoy the QoH to come. One of my favorite bits is soon to take place, i'm practically fatally sick with anticipation.
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