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Originally Posted by Vaelastraz View Post
Why shold we call them neutron stars? Neutron stars are composed of neutrons, their name actually makes sense.

We can't say the same thing about black holes.
Neutron stars are black holes. They have a gravitational pull so great that light cannot escape its surface. They cannot be 'seen' because they do not project EMR.

I'm sure people have seen models of the atom and were told that 'if the nucleus was this size, the electrons would be a mile away.' This emphasizes that atoms are mostly empty space. Imagine if you had all that space occupied by compressed atom nuclei, you could have a cubic centimeter of matter that weighs literally thousands of tons.

That could give you an idea as to just how much gravitational force could be exerted by something the size of a planet. It doesn't 'suck' surrounding objects in, but pulls them with their extreme gravitational force.

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