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Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
Are you in a Drum Corps or are you just a fan? I casually follow Drum Corps (I mostly focus on percussion, which is what I play). I think my favorite Corp is Phantom Regiment.
Woohoo! A fan!

I marched in three different corps, CopperStar, Troopers, and Academy. From October 2001 to April 2002 CopperStar in Phoenix, from April to August 2002 Troopers in Casper, Wyoming (They got 16th place this year! 81.100), and October 2004 with Academy. I played soprano bugle and trumpet.

Phantom Regiment won this year! I like them too because they only perform classical music and their shows usually are very theatrical, too.

I was personal friends with the Blue Knights from Denver. The Troopers and the Knights are regional brothers so, we end up traveling with them a lot.

Let's see if I can post some more YouTube videos.

The Cavs:

Part 1 2000: This is a good show!

Part 2 2000:

Blue Knights:

Here's an old one from the legendary Star of Indiana, now Blast!:

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