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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Facts are only truthful when people have faith in their levity. We trust our teachers to teach factual information; however, who said those facts are valid. History books in highschool are trusted to carry accurate knowledge; nevertheless, they are created to biasly promote national pride.

1 + 1 = 2 Why?
With all possible respect, I see no point in stating this (due to its obvious nature). Bias is blatantly inserted into everything that we see and hear, and it's up to the person to decipher the information, removing all external opinions and elements in order to objectively judge a piece of information.

At for the poll: politicians lie, but because they do, that doesn't mean that I should automatically disbelieve everything that they say. Rather, I would listen to what they say, and then determine if it has relevance/value or not.
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