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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Yeah it's wild. I never thought I would like the art direction... I wasn't real happy with the screenies. Now, I don't mind it so much. Not sure if it was seeing it in motion, or hearing them really get behind it, or just not erally concentrating on it. Heck it might be that I kept making it more and more cartoony in my head, so that seeing it again it seemed ok.
Like most people I was doubtfull on the art direction, though guy in the video is right.

Many games are pushing to get the most realistic graphics out there, thinking about RPG, like Fallout 3, Oblivion, Mass Effect.

They all aim for "real" looking people and enviroments.

So I think they took a good take on it, going for the middle line,(yeah a real belgium, me, compromises ) its not like the new animated Clone Wars serie; which is highly cartoony.

So far everything in the screenshots is pretty coherent, which I find very important.

The footage in the red korriban canyon was great, first I though I was looking at concept art untill the ship actually flew by.

Lets hope they reveal more on the companions system and some footage of the story/ dialogue.

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