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A Jedi/Sith Launcher

And so, I make a launcher. Took me a bit to get the buttons right tho, and I can still improve on them. I will hold out on releasing to KFiles until I get it as good as possible.

From the Readme:
A Jedi/Sith Launcher! (TSL)

Made by BIOShazard/TriggerGod/Roma
Contact me at LucasForums. My username is TriggerGod.
Description: This mod is my first launcher mod. What stands out is the Malak, and the Revan (I remember seeing someone like him in a promo for K1) on each side of the Force. In the background, you hear the Duel of the Fates song from The Phanton Menace.

Install: First off, back up your original launcher in a new folder. Now, put my files into the launcher folder, and play the game.
Uninstall: Remove the files you added, and put back in your original launcher, or put in a new launcher mod.
Bugs: Shouldn't be any.
Conflicts: Obviously other launcher mods.
Permissions: Well, its a launcher. I guess you can do whatever you want with it, as long as I get proper credit.

Thanks to
Adobe for its Photoshop program
Fred Tetra for his Kotor Tool (extracting the TSL and Obsidian Logo)

This mod is not in any way shape, form, diameter, ect, endorsed by LucasArts, Obsidian Entertainment, or any other game company. Any damage you or your belongings receive while using this mod is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT. Not mine. Yours.
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