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Sorry. I did write Jedi and Sith classes but I wasn't thinking they would necessarily be separate. I'm thinking that perhaps they'll use the same classes KotOR did but there won't be different classes between Jedi and Sith. Magic user (consular), warrior class (guardian), skills class (sentinel). Assuming that eight is the number of classes TOR will start out with that would leave five non-Force sensitive classes.

My personal preference would be to have just one Force sensitive class between Republic and Sith and let the player choose how to specialize. Of course I think there should be some sort of limitation on force powers like the KotOR games had. For example I'm not a big fan of light siders using Force lightning so I think they either shouldn't be able to do it or even better if lightsiders do train in Force lightning that it should be a bigger drain on their force points and their Force alignment should get some DS points each time they use a "DS" power. But that's just me.

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