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I'd imagine that since this is the KotOR era, Bioware would have to be plain stupid to not have a Mandalorian class, or even stupider to not have any mandalorians at all.

Ah ok, well I agree with you there. Rather than having to pick a consular, guardian, or sentinel and be stuck with them I hope it's just one class where you can specialize, perhaps they will use a similar system as WoW and have 3 talent trees where the trees can be similar to the 3 force classes from KotOR.
I can see that happening, I'd imagine that Bioware will let you pick your species and customise your self as they did with Mass Effect and also let you choose your profile, so you don't have to start off in the same place. It becomes quite tedious when you start a new character and you have to play through the same start. I rather liked WoW for that variation, though thats probably the only story element in there. On the topic of WoW features, and most other MMO's, I'm sure Bioware will throw proffessions in there.

While I agree that it is strange to see lightside classes use force lightning; being fair, Jedi suck noodles. If Bioware can keep a difference between the faction and alignment then, while it already seems that 99.9% of people are already inclined to go Sith , ignoring that fact it would be much fairer if those on the Republic side can still be dark aligned, and I guess you could be a light aligned Sith but you'd be a pretty crap Sith.

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