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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Or they release data in such a way as to confuse the public into assuming it's just a tinfoil hat wearers theory. There are several ways to hide something secret. Keep yer mouth shut. Bury it in useless data. Tell it to a known conspiracy theorist. Leave fake signs up for some one to see so they look for something completely different. They can't look for it if they are looking for something else.
Either way, its tin-foil hat theory until its proven. Hell, Area 51 could be hiding an alien and hid it very well! But until we find out for sure, its a fantasy theory kept alive by the devout.

The Aurora may have in fact have been built, if even just once. If it was, then it is nothing to get worked up about as its probably rusting in a hanger somewhere. If it was mass produced, then we'll never find out because its very existence goes against international law, especially if we actually using it to spy in rival airspace. The Aurora might also be a scapegoat, a public image, for something else that we've been working on that is different from the Aurora entirely.

So, all in all, it probably doesn't exist and if it does then you don't want to know. There is good reason for keeping a lot of this classified.
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