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In a nation which thought the radio show War of the Worlds was a live broadcast of a Mars invasion I'm not really certain the possibility of being manipulated and lied to by the government is as serious a concern as the fact a university group a few years ago found only 50% of people approached on the main streets of New York City could find the USA on a world atlas (or was it Michael Moore and Washington DC).

Propaganda takes less effort and conspiracy than one might assume. More of it is urban myth than otherwise. As for military intelligence, it works with known factors and fills in the gaps as more is known. It's a jigsaw puzzle, but does have known values in terms of physics. Never as much a mystery as a constant work in progress, like any science.

Easiest way to find out about US development projects is to follow the paper trail. Everything has to be funded by Congress. Everything Congress does is subject to public access, or something like that. Isn't that how the Constitution works? might start noticing black cars parked near your house...

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