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The grenade went off and Vlad shielded his eyes from the bright flash of the grenade. He heard one of his men grunt as the American got off a last shot. Vlad stood and walked out of the smoke, AK-47 ready. He found the American, and she was unconcious, and unharmed. He ordered two of his men to get out the cuffs and place an extra gas mask on her, there was no knowing whether she was infected or not. The mask would at least keep her from biting anyone, if she should be infected.

Vlad walked over to his wounded soldier.

"Vassili, you okay?" asked Vlad.

Vassili nodded and gestured to his shoulder where he was peppered by one of the ball bearings from the shotgun blast.

Vlad called for the medic, "You'll be fine, Comrade, it looks like a scratch. Hang in there."

Vassili nodded silently and clenched his teeth, trying to beat back the pain.

Vlad watched as the medic patched up his man, Zaitsev tapped Vlad on the shoulder.

"Comrade Major, the prisoner is secure, she'll probably come out of it in about thirty minutes at the most."

Vlad nodded and went to the American's vehicle. She was reasonably well-armed, but that was to be expected in these parts of the country.

"Zaitsev, let's set this truck on fire, it could attract some attention to the area, maybe some more of these "survivors." Also, place two men on the prisoner, and keep a sharp eye on her, we'll see if she's infected later."

Zaitsev nodded and went about pouring fuel on the truck. Vlad picked up the American's shotgun and went to one of the humvees. He placed the gun in the truck and began directing his men into each humvee. They'd have to leave very very soon.

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