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Atrianna awoke to find herself with a gas make over her head and with her hands cuffed

Flash Grenade

They had hit her with a flash grenade

Atrianna looked up at the russian solder watching her, and flipped him the bird as best she could with her hands cuffed

The Solder scowled at her

Atrianna smiled sweetly at the solder

"So...what's going on?"

The solder remained silent

Atrianna had to think about what to say next.

"Why am I cuffed and why is there a gas mask over my head?"

The solder smiled at her and walked to the front of the vehicle.

Atrianna couldn't help but feel angry at the Russian solders. All she had wanted to do was talk...but no...there always had to be grenades or guns.

Whatever happended to the days when people could have a nice civil chat without getting shot at?
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