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The ending (spoilers (duh))

Hey everybody,

I just finished playing A Vampyre Story.
This game really takes me back a couple of years, and remembers me that I still love point click adventure games just as much as in it's glory days.
The game does well in most features. The humour is at a constant high level, the art is, well, beautiful. The voice acting is marvelous.
It really reminds me of Lucas Arts in it's prime time.

One of the really bad parts is the ending though.
When in an old adventure game we would be like halfway through the game, say just off Plunder Island for comparison, this game just ends when it's getting interesting.
And it isn't that it's just a short game, it ends in the middle of the story!
Sure I've read reviews that the game is short, but it just ends right in the middle of things!

I really love Bill Tiller and Autumn Moon to make an Adventure game that makes me feel like this again. But this is just telling half a story.

Maybe they should call this one A Vampyre Story 1/2 and the next A Vampyre Story 2/2.

I know I seem whiney about this, but I just can't stand it that a new game, after so long, can make me feel like this again, and then just cut off...

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