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Yuri walked back from placing the prisoner in one of the humvees.

He shouted in Russian, "Hey, Major, the American talks too much."

Vlad smiled, "Well, then, you too have much in common."

The entire group snickered and Yuri shook his head a couple times while smiling. He then got back into prisoner's humvee, up on the 50. cal weapon mounted on the top. Vlad got into the front seat's passenger side, Zaitsev ran and hopped into the driver's seat.

'Vlad, I've rigged the Americans vehicle to explode in about 5 minutes, we should get out of the area. The "survivors" may notice the blast."

Vlad nodded and looke at the American, he switched back into thickly accented English.

"Well, American, I assume you're wondering what's happened and what's happening."

Vlad looked at the American's expression for any reaction, he continued, "Well, you just threatened a Special Forces group of the Elite Russian Army. We treated you as such, but seeing as you hurt one of my men, I have reason to think you're crazy."

Vlad smiled, "Now, for the cuffs and the gas mask, the cuffs are because you're a prisoner, technically. The gas mask, well, if your infected and may go over to the other side anytime soon, well, we don't want you biting us."

Vlad took a small briefcase out of his pack, "We soon see if you're infected, but now isn't the time. You may come in some use to the Russian people if you cooperate, so please don't, as you Americans say, "Flip a birdie." We Russian don't like that."

Vlad nodded and sat back in his seat. He put a hand outside the window and motioned for the other humvee to follow.

Zaitsev looked out the window and said,"We'll be back soon, comrades!"

The convoy began a short drive into the city. They may even run into more survivors, if there should be any. But there was one thing for sure about Chicago, there'd definately be something.

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