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I should go.
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The American does talk too much, Vlad thought.

"Please, be quiet and we won't have to do anything to handle you. Talk to Yuri, he likes to talk, isn't that right, Yuri?"

Zaitsev cracked up and started chuckling. Vlad took out the map and looked at it carefully. Then he heard the distinct explosion of the American's truck back on the highway. He smiled.

"Well, Zaitsev, take us back to Chicago, I think I know an alternate route. Besides, Milwaukee isn't ground zero."

Zaitsev nodded and turned the humvee around back towards Chicago. The other humvee followed and the convoy began to make it's way back.

Vlad decided to start up a conversation, hoping he wouldn't regret it.

"So, Attriana isn't it? Well, how did you end up in this situation anyway?"

Vlad leaned back in his chair and stuck a foot up on the dashboard of the humvee.

you very much
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