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Atrianna smiled.

Vlad seemed very overconfident

"I think you already know i'm a mercenary. The whole reason I got stuck out here was because I wanted to help people. I had just finished up a job in Canada when I heard the news about what had happended. I came back down to the states to help out whoever I could."

"Everywhere I went, I saw destruction and chaos and death. I finally heard that Milwaukee was pretty well off, so I headed on down and tried to help out. By the time I got there, nearly everyone was dead or had fled the part of the city that I had made my home in. As I was leaving the city, I saw horrible things, I saw acts of heroism that would brings tears to your eyes, I saw men sacrifice themselves to save their families, and I saw them die as they were ripped apart."

"I heard Chicago was still pretty well off so I left Milwaukee, then my prius ran nearly ran out of gas, I saw you and your men by the cars and then I ended up in this situation."

Atrianna couldn't help but feel very thirsty.

"So...when are you going to test out the whole undead killing virus on me?"


"You guys have anything to drink?"
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