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Yeah, he made a threat and was holding a knife. But shooting him to death is a little excessive, don't you think?

Shooting to kill isn't well trained. You are trained to kill only if it is the last resort.

Where were the stun guns? The shots to the shin, knees, legs, even shoulder? The less than lethal bullets?

Unless he was charging them full run with the knife ready to go into his neck, I believe the officers overreacted to a situation that could have easily have been less than lethal.

Do some people pretty much ask to be shot? Yeah, but when necessary.

The officers overreacted to the situation, and chose the easiest route. I'm not too familiar with cop training, but I doubt the training manual says shoot to kill first. And if it does, that may answer a few questions.

Although the article is very vague on details, so that may just be speculation on my part. But still, 3 officers shooting him dead over a knife and a threat? I'm not all that well with a gun, but It isn't that hard to aim a foot lower and take out his ability to walk.

I'll suspend judgment until I see a better detailed article.

Originally Posted by Vanir
So. I understand many yanks love guns like women.
I called a group of people "backwater rednecks" once in a gun thread, and quickly realized that it made me and my argument look plain ignorant.

From your speech, I'm going to go under the assumption that you are not American (Correct me if I'm wrong). The term Yank is often a derogatory word, even if it is not meant to be. I know it is a common word for Americans outside the US, but the word has a history of bad taste and while it may be normal speech for you, it is derogatory term towards Americans.

I could care less about it, but I'm just pointing this out to you so you don't discredit yourself further by purposefully, or mistakenly placing insults in your posts.

Also, work on your thread title.
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