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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
On after thought, that makes a bit of sense. Again, I'm just curious for more details regarding why it went that far.
Hopefully, we'll learn that it was because the kid failed to respond to commands and that the officers only applied lethal force when it was necessary. I can very much see how that might sound like a cop-out, however that's the threshold for that decision. It's a judgment call. Hopefully the police acted with good judgment.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Well, that seems to go without saying. But while the government cannot fully control parents, I'd think more effort would be placed into less than lethal methods of taking down a threat.
Indeed. However keep in mind that in close quarters, you don't have time to go to Plan B if Plan A fails.

Non-lethal is preferable in open areas where someone with a lethal weapon can back you up should your weapon prove ineffective.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
And you're right, hadn't thought of drugs at the time of writing. Sorry about that.
No apology necessary.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Like I said, when necessary. I'm sure criminals say dumb crap like that all the time, but it doesn't always give a green light to put them down. But I'm sure I'm just preaching to the choir here.
Understand that officers have no means for determining which threats are serious and which threats aren't. You go into every situation expecting the worst case scenario and then do everything in your power to prevent that from happening.

For example, a traffic cop may pull over a dozen or more cars every day for weeks, months, or years on end. He or she has no way of knowing which cars are going to be driven by a whacked out cop-hater with a gun and no scruples. He or she has to approach every vehicle worried about being greeted by gunfire. No exception.

Side-note: best place to put your hands when you've been pulled over is on the steering wheel. Digging through a purse or the glove box (i.e. places that might contain a weapon) is a bad way to start things off.

So if someone with a knife threatens to kill you, you don't assume that he's only looking for attention. You try to get him to respond to your commands, however if he doesn't, you don't risk anything. A cop just wants to go home at night.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Kind of a shame, in some ways.
Indeed, but bad guys don't hold still so you can shoot them. Trying to hit a moving arm or leg is very difficult. Hence, the "center of mass" thing.

FWIW, I know there is a lot of non-lethal technology being developed which will hopefully help to minimize the need for lethal force, however I don't foresee us ever being at a point where it will go away entirely. This is one of those occasions where it would be very nice to be wrong.
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