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As Clowns - Spawn at an AT-TE, get in it, pilot it around the Spire toward the back. Shoot the Spider but ignore the Hailfire (wheel bike). Pause near the East/West CP (depending on which way you went) and blow up a TU Shiip while your bots take the CP. Then move up just until you can see the next TU Ship, blow it up while your bots take the Spire. Then move up a bit and blow up the last TU Ship. You'll have lost the Derelict by this time, so head back over there. Get out and start shooting stuff.

There's a "back door" in the Derelict. If you come toward it from the west, there's a narrow gap where you can wriggle through and end up behind the med/ammo bots to take the CP.
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