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One Force power that no one has said, but I think was what made JA and Outcast unique... lightsaber throw. Level three is absolutely devastating to minor characters and can deliver the greatest punishment for the lowest expenditure of Force power... after a base cost that is.

In the original JA, I hated the saber because it was so limited and didn't serve much more than a blaster bolt shield and didn't reflect them back at enemies hard enough. Outcast overcame the limited range of the swing by having this as the secondary attack.

The only drawbacks I hate are that certain enemies (Luke,Katarn,Desann,Tavion) cheat and are invincible to this. If this were not the case, I would be shredding Desann to pieces with it right now.

One power I hate is that 'perfect push defense' that all Dark Jedi have and you don't. Come on! If you got a clear shot and they don't know you're there, you deserve hit them! Or why can't Jaden or Katarn do it likewise?
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