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Sam was in the center of Slinger, the place wehre his uncle lived. The condo his uncle stayed at looked relatively well off, considering the circumstances. There wasn't a horde to be seen for miles.
Sam picked his Grendel up and checked the magazine.
" Dang! Three rounds in this one, just one mag left after this!" sam said. He was pissed. But there was no stopping the inevitable. upon entering the condominium complex, he smelled no death, heard no screams, and felt the darkness of death alleviate.
" Well well well, looks like we got ourselves a winner here!" jack said. Sam ran to the room his uncle was in, he just needed to be sure he was alive. Before he could open the door, a dull clatter rang out, much like an AK-47. he knew the sound.
He opened the door either way, the shooter was too far away for them to be any help. His uncle sprang out, a large knife in one hand and a hammer in the other.
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